Reputation management

A good reputation

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Strategic information monitoring

It is essential for successful businesses to be well informed about their environment. The most successful strategies are based on solid and accurate information gathered through research and reliable contacts. Monitoring of regulatory and legislative organizations, the media and competitors is an essential part of developing and adjusting strategies for business and reputational success.

Government relations/public organizations plan

Understanding and influencing government and public decision-making processes are key to business success and to a company's ability to contribute to society's economic and social well-being. Government relations are at the core of our practice and expertise. Our strategies have helped our clients build meaningful relations with government officials, organizations and decision-makers and have enabled them to advance ideas and solutions and to contribute positively to public policy. At Geoffroy, we work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and tailor strategies to achieve results. We specialize in the effective implementation of strategies and follow-up using a combination of our expertise and extensive network of contacts in government, crown corporations and agencies.

Our activities and counsel are characterized by professionalism, ethical practices and high standards. These are the principles which guide our actions and objectives at all times. Our focus is on strategies and activities that ensure that our clients will be heard and understood. Our clients value the contribution we make to helping them achieve their business goals.

Reputation building

In a world that is increasingly international and competitive, a company's reputation is one of its most valuable assets. Communications plays an essential role in shaping and enhancing a company's reputation and brand and in driving business success.

At Geoffroy, we help our clients define their mission and develop objectives and strategies that will enhance reputation, influence target audiences and support business goals.

Your visibility

The strength of the CEO's personality, combined with his ability to communicate leadership and vision, is central to a company's success in inspiring confidence and influencing employees, shareholders, decision-makers and other stakeholders. A company's reputation is shaped and coloured by the strength of a CEO's personality, charisma and ability to communicate.

At Geoffroy, we excel in providing communications support of all types, including media and public-speaking training, to business leaders and company representatives.

Our team of writers, media relations experts and communications professionals provide high-quality editorial and training services to meet the needs of our clients, no matter how urgent the need.

Editorial services include the preparation of reports, analyses, studies, presentations, texts and publications of all types.

Corporate responsibility and reporting

Never have the issues of corporate responsibility and accountability been as challenging as they are today in the areas of environmental practices, health and safety, labor and contracting practices, and relations with employees and the community. Sustainable business practices require companies to audit, report on and be held accountable for their activities and to communicate publicly the progress they are making in improving performance in all these areas. The most successful companies today are leaders in the fields of sustainable development, corporate responsibility and public reporting.

This need to demonstrate greater corporate responsibility and transparency has translated into opportunities for more professionalism and creativity in communicating and interacting with governments, the media, shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, communities, other stakeholders and the public in general. At Geoffroy, we offer the expertise to develop effective tools to achieve the desired results. Environmental and social reporting, positioning of business leadership, ethical practices, employee programs, educational and community-building initiatives, philanthropy and sponsorships are just a few of the communications activities that help our clients enhance reputation and achieve results.

Managing issues and crisis

The crisis-management approach is to manage issues in a way that stops them from developing into crises. Identifying potential risks and implementing sound risk management procedures is fundamental to reputation and business management.

At Geoffroy, our experts have extensive experience in risk management systems that enable our clients to deal with crises before they happen.

Sometimes, however, the unexpected occurs and a crisis erupts, potentially jeopardizing an organization's reputation and good standing.

At Geoffroy, if the unthinkable happens, we help our clients manage and neutralize these situations with the most effective crisis management methods. Through creative crisis-management solutions, we help minimize the reputational impact of a crisis and seize opportunities to reposition the company in a positive light.

Your media profile

The media is a powerful force in shaping public opinion and public policy, and ultimately in shaping perceptions of reality. There are times when media organizations have conveyed inaccurate information, which can have a devastating effect on the reputation of a person or organization.

Managing image in the media is a specialized skill. At Geoffroy, our media relations specialists help our clients position their activities in a positive light in the media and ensure fair and accurate media coverage. We have extensive experience in managing media relations and countering negative media coverage in a way that enhances our clients' image.

E-monitoring - the new intelligence frontier

The Internet has forever changed the way information is communicated and how opinions and reputations are shaped.

At Geoffroy, we use the latest technology and webAgent, a web monitoring solution created by Sequence Technology, that enables us to monitor information about our clients and the environments in which they operate.

Internal communications - employees as ambassadors

The role of internal communications as an essential tool in reputation management is often underestimated. Employees are often among the most valuable and loyal ambassadors that a client can have. How many times have we seen negative stories that are generated by disgruntled employees?

At Geoffroy, we understand the importance of building loyalty through positive employee relations and communications, and the important role that employees play in our shaping our clients' reputation.

E-marketing and targeting for success

The Internet has opened up a whole new world of opportunity to communicate directly with individuals and to tailor communications to individual needs. Targeted messaging can have a positive impact on results and brand loyalty.

In partnership with Zen Data, a company specialized in e-marketing, we offer our clients integrated sales and communications services through internet and e-mail broadcast communications that push our clients' performance to the next level.